Brad loves sneakers and after this you'll love Brad. Or be terrified of him. Whichever.

Yes, Brad here looks like a nondescript math teacher who gives driving instructions on the side, yet his real passion is sneakers, so much so that he took to YouTube to review the Air Jordan 11 Retro ‘Legend Blue.’

He's awkward, yet excited, and you have to wonder if this is just some sort of slick viral marketing stunt designed to bring attention to the shoe.

Brad wins us over when he puts on his gloves, which are designed to make sure the sneakers aren't damaged and (we hope) not to eliminate the potential for fingerprints after he goes out and murders someone.

He even kisses the sole ("It tastes not great") and then proudly declares, "I will wear them to my funeral," which is about as macabre an endorsement as you can make outside the coffin industry.

Brad then pretends to methodically put the sneakers on and walk in them. It's all so very bizarre and so very entertaining that we don't know whether to go out and buy a pair or seek a restraining order against him.