If reality shows haven't already hit the zenith of absurdity, this video of two chicks beating the clothes off each other surely will push the whole genre over the top.

TMZ reports the clip is from a show called, "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding", which honestly sounds like a Funny Or Die parody. The fat one is the bride's cousin while the skinnier one is on the groom's side.

We thought it was over when the big one hurled the skinny one into the brick wall but holy crap, does she come back with a vengeance unleashing a barrage of murderous rights to the big one's grill.

Of course, it's hard to see with all the digital blurring but we take it you can see the big one's monster bombs and the skinny one is not wearing undies.

Thoroughly impressed with the skinny one's heels, those are some solid shoes that somehow didn't break AND managed to make her look hot as hell as she doled out punishment.

[via TMZ]

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