Last year, New Era stepped up their marketing game with a series of rivalry spots pitting Yankees fan Alec Baldwin against Red Sox fan John Krasinski, with 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy usually getting the best of The Office's Jim. This year, New Era's taken the rivalry to the Midwest with Parks & Rec's Ron Swanson repping the Cubs and The Office's Warehouse Foreman Darryl backing the White Sox.

As much as we love Alec Baldwin, the Yanks-Sox rivalry series of ads just missed the spot. But with Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson, two of the best dead-panners in entertainment, we think New Era nailed it. Plus, they took it way easier on Cubs fans than the "Cubs Win" MLB '12 commercial. That was just plain ol' mean.

Below is Round 1 of what we're hoping will be a long line of spots that lasts the entire season. Seriously, we're now rooting for these two teams so these two celeb superfans keep pumping out new promos.

A Cubs-White Sox World Series might end with Lake Michigan doubling in size. What's next after this, though? Dodgers-Giants? Mets-Phillies? Royals-Rockies?

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