We were impressed with its specs when Ferrari unveiled its latest offering: the F12 Berlinetta. Just when you thought the v12, 740 horse power producing beast of a car is exactly what us men ordered, some blogger comes along and cuts off our engines by claiming the F12's design resembles a woman's uterus.

So what if the vagina, sorry, the air vent looks big? We know fallopian tubes and cervices are not terms you would want to describe sports cars with, but it's just the back of the car. Surely that won't deter buyers from placing their orders. Right? Ferrari's designers back in Italy don't have time for second thoughts, the F12 goes into production soon.

Ferrari are not the first auto maker to have their man-pride stripped off them. Dodge trucks had it worse a few years ago:

Dodge trucks uterus

Designing a car to look like a woman's private parts is actually a brilliant idea. Men would pay good money for either.

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