If there's one thing college kids can vouch for, it's that student loans are a b-word. It seems more and more of our friends are graduating college only to find jobs they could have had if they just skipped higher education all together. Is it better to rack up huge debt while receiving a "higher education", or is it better just to jump into the workforce with the rest of us dummies?

Jon Stewart and his merry band of cohorts decided it was time to tackle this serious issue. They brought in former ECW blood sprinkler, New Jack, to help get their point across. New Jack was famous for being a hardcore wrestler who wasn't shy about letting you know what he's thinking.

Listening to him and his accomplice losing their minds on these college kids is pretty funny. My only complaint is that there's not enough of New Jack comparing student loans to herpes.

There are rumors New Jack will be brought back due to how well this segment was received. "New Jack" was trending on Twitter in the US during its airing.

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