This high school student has a better date for his prom than you may ever have in your life.

Mike Ramirez, a senior and football player at Crosby High School, in Crosby, Texas, is taking a Houston Texans cheerleader to his prom. Yeah, let that sink in.

Mike, 17, reached out to Caitlyn Beth, 20, over Twitter and asked her if she would  go to the prom if he got 10,000 retweets. He came up with the plan in English class. You know what we dreamed about in English class? Cheerleaders. You know what we did about it? Jack squat.

Prom Date
Big_Mike_71, Twitter

Beth was all about it:

I thought it was the sweetest thing ever and I immediately said yes and I confirmed with my coach and the Texans and it took off from there."

Mike's buddies are certainly taking a cue from this good fortune. They've tweeted other Texans' cheerleaders to ask for prom dates, but no dice. Gee, do you think the girls in their class are feeling like the proverbial second banana or what?

Way to go, Mike. Of course, every date he has from here on out will have an impossible standard to live up to. Good luck with that.

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