What if all the breasts you held dear suddenly disappeared? That's the premise of this horrifying fake trailer, starring geeky provocateur Olivia Munn.

In the clip, a man wakes up to find that the boobs of his wife, played by Munn, have disappeared. Worse still, she seems to think her ample mammaries never existed in the first place. And neither does anyone else.

After a consultation with a psychiatrist (played by 'Boy Meets World' alum Mr. Feeny) the man begins to wonder if his bride's large ta-tas were always a figment of his imagination. (And if they were, can we have whatever drug can causes that hallucination?)

The trailer for 'Ghost Tits' is actually a shot-by-shot remake of the trailer from the 2004 thriller 'The Forgotten,' in which Julianne Moore thinks her son has died in airplane crash but everybody tells her she never had a son.

The movie was a moderate box office success, so one can only imagine how well it would have done if the plot had been more breast-centric.

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