Representing your country in the Olympic games is a dream for most athletes. Unfortunately, there isn't room for everyone.

The U.S. Women's Olympic team has one slot left open, after Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh finished in a dead heat this past weekend. Instead of having another race, men's Olympic runner Justin Gatlin suggested they "mud or Jell-O wrestle for the final spot."

Sure, some people are calling his comments sexist, or 'degrading', but we don't see it like that at all. Mud wrestling is probably how the ancient Romans settled arguments back in the time of Caesar and those other guys in togas.  It's not like women could race in togas, those things are way too long, and sandals aren't really great to run around in. We can't even party in them, how can people be expected to run races in togas?

We are all for these ladies settling this once and for all in a giant vat of lime gelatin. God Bless America.