Sometimes, even the worst people can do something great.

In this (NSFW) PSA for organ donation from Donate Life, we hear the story of Coleman Sweeney -- played by Thomas Jane -- a truly, horrible, no-doubt-about-it awful human being, whose life takes a turn for the worse (for him) and the better (for just about everyone else).

PSAs traditionally don't have despicable people in them or involve tales that are both funny and captivating, yet this one, set against the backdrop of a version of Coldplay's "Fix You," breaks rank with all that's comes before it. Coleman is wretched in a Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa kind of way, yet you can't help but laugh and then feel a lump in your throat when you learn of his parting gift to the humanity he loathed before his ticker ran out of batteries.

We'd love to know who's behind this ad because he or she should get a three-picture deal or at least an offer to create the next great Netflix show. Being offensive and moving all at once is a fine line to straddle and whoever put this together did it perfectly.

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