Disney's animated short 'Paperman' is nominated for an Oscar, and if you missed it when it played before 'Wreck-It Ralph' last year, you can watch it here in full.

Directed by first-timer John Kahrs, 'Paperman' seamlessly blends computer animation with traditional hand-drawn animation in classic black and white. The short tells the story of a lonely young man in New York City who meets a beautiful woman during his morning commute. He thinks he's lost her forever, but then he spots her working in the skyscraper across from his window at work, and so begins his valiantly relentless attempt to get her attention.

The short is whimsical and heartwarming, and calls to mind the classic days of Disney, while embracing forward-thinking technology. It's more than just a sweet story -- it's Disney combining their past and present, and proving that they haven't forgotten where they came from. It's also a wonderful send-up to hard-working animators with its progressive new technique.

'Paperman' premiered before 'Wreck-It Ralph' last year and has now been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short. And now you can experience the magic for yourself below: