Jason Statham will be returning shortly to his action movie ways in 'Parker,' set to hit the big screen on Jan. 25th, and he won't be alone. Former 'American Idol' judge Jennifer Lopez is coming along for the ride as his sexy co-star, and while there've been numerous trailers and behind-the-scenes footage that show off this duo in action, we've got an exclusive new look for you.

Statham plays, as the movie suggests, Parker, a robber who steals from the rich and only hurts people who deserve it. Things quickly turn sour, though, when a Michael Chiklis-led group of baddies betray him and leave him for dead. Too bad he didn't stay that way. With the help of Jennifer Lopez's character, Parker sets out to take his revenge.

In preparation for the Jan 25th theatrical release, we've got an exclusive TV spot from the film along with a brand-new still, featuring Jason Statham in full 'Parker' mode, snackin' on a popsicle. Yeah, it's pretty hardcore stuff. If you're looking to see some more action, check out the latest spot, which is essentially a supercut of all his more bad-ass moments from the film.

You can watch the new 'Parker' TV spot below along with the new pic. For more information on the film, be sure to visit the official Facebook pages for 'Parker' and Jason Statham, and follow the film on Twitter with the hashtag #GetYourCut.

(Click on the image to see the hi-res version.)

Parker Photo

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