Just because you're getting up there in years doesn't mean you've got to slow down.

A Polish couple in their 70s visiting London hit a nightclub called Fabric...and stayed there until 5 a.m. as part of the establishment's weekly Wet YourSelf event (there's something oddly appropriate about old people going to an event called Wet YourSelf, right?).

Before leaving Poland, the couple did some research and booked their tickets for the club (kudos to them for being so adept at using the internet).

The husband and wife each had a tequila shot at the beginning of the night before settling down with tea, even though they had been promised free drinks for the duration of the night. Now, that's a senior citizen discount if there ever was one.

The club DJ posted about the experience on Facebook, so take a look at the couple that parties harder than you ever will below. Next time you get tired at the bar before midnight just remember you've got no excuse.