A night he'll never remember became a night he'll never forget.

A man in Britain got so hammered pre-gaming before heading out for a night on the town with his buddies that he passed out, which is too bad for him because that's when the fun really began.

His friends employed the "Never leave a man behind" strategy, taking him along as they went out for an evening of reverie. It's like Weekend at Bernie's for the millennial set.

Yup, his pals taped him up, strapped him into a chair and let the cameras roll for what followed. Any soundtrack to this kind of night that features "November Rain" and "All By Myself" is a-okay by us.

His friends told Unilad, "Scott [that's the poor sap's name] is known for passing out at pre’s, it’s his thing. But honestly it was supposed to be a quiet night as its deadline season – but when the opportunity is there and you knew Scott. Yeah we had to. The response we’ve gotten so far has been pretty amazing."