If you have kids or have been around children for the last seven months or so, you've probably heard the song 'Let It Go' from the film 'Frozen' a million times. But chances are you haven't heard it quite like this. On Friday night in Milan, Italy, legendary grunge rockers Pearl Jam busted out the Disney tune in front of thousands of adoring concertgoers.

During a portion of their hit 'Daughter,' frontman Eddie Vedder broke into the chorus of 'Let It Go,' giving the tune a rock edge as the band shredded alongside him. As the father of 10-year-old and 5-year-old daughters, there's no doubt Vedder has been exposed to the Disney song a countless number of times himself. How cool is it for his kids to see their dad rocking the tune at a massive gig?

Enjoy Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam rocking the 'Frozen' song 'Let It Go' in the video above. Maybe the next time you hear the tune, you'll have a new appreciation for it.

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