The Playboy Mansion is selling for a Hugh-ge amount of money.

Hug Hefner's iconic residence in suburban Los Angeles, which has hosted more legendary parties than a calculator can figure, has been sold for $100 million to 33-year-old Daren Metropoulos. It's actually a bit of a bargain, considering Hef initially listed it for $200 million.

Who's that? That's the best part. He's currently the co-owner of Hostess (which means men can continue to insert their Ding Dongs in Ho Hos at the home) and already owns the property next to the mansion. Metropoulos plans to connect the two homes and create a super-estate more than seven acres in size.

No word whether any robes were included in the sale.

Hugh Hefner
Getty Images

The mansion, built in the 1920s, was purchased by the 90-year-old Hefner (who will be allowed to remain in the home until his death) in 1971 for $1 million. It has 29 rooms (including 12 bedrooms, which we imagine got some serious work over the years), as well as a zoo license to keep animals, heated pool, wine cellar, game room, gym, tennis courts, orchard, screening room  and a grotto.

Man, if those walls could talk. well, you get the feeling they'd say, "Make sure to hire the best commercial housekeeping company on the planet before moving in."

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