And you think you react poorly to poison ivy?

Twenty-one-year-old Emily Petrozza, of Newington, Conn., recently got poison ivy on her eyes after going fishing and looking after some feral cats in her neighborhood.

Slight swelling that appeared when she went to bed turned into an all-out terrible makeup job straight from a B-movie when she woke up the next day.

She and her sister, Lauren, zipped to the ER and her sis posted some photos which went viral quicker than the time it took Emily's face to blow up like a guy who's fed up answering which shoes he likes best when his girlfriend drags him to the mall.

Lauren is surprised the tweet took off the way it did. "I think it’s funny. I thought people in my town would get a kick out of it. But I guess everyone else did too." Fortunately, Emily is expected to be fine.

She can also take heart knowing she isn't the only one to endure poison ivy on the eyes. Misery loves company, right?