There are so many apps out there for your iPhone. But does the App Store sell one that can hand you a condom if you are getting lucky? Probably not. We don't think iTunes has that app available yet.

While Apple is still working on that technology, Annex Productions has the next best thing -- They created the Playa Case that not only protect your iPhone, it protects your junk. The Playa Case comes in three colors; white, black, and pink which means women should also be packing protection or their are men out there with pink cell phone cases.

The Playa case sells for $30 and holds two condoms. If you don't use condoms then you can use the case to house your credit cards. The secret compartment is very discreet as it slides flush to securely store the condoms.

For more info on the Playa Case, check out the company's website. Who knows, this case could be your new wingman.

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