There's no faceplant at the end. She doesn't get flung 20 feet out of the ring. She just stays on the bull the whole time, you know, gyrating and stuff. This is sex, right?

What is this girl's secret to staying on that bull so easily? Practice? Really strong thighs? Is there one of those wires that movie stuntmen use attached from the top of her head to the ceiling?

Who knows. Here on the Internet, we're pretty much trained to expect that any mechanical-bull-riding video will feature someone getting thrown off in spectacularly humiliating fashion. Like these poor folks. That's just how the Web works.

However, now that we've (repeatedly) watched this marvelously talented young woman—seriously, someone give her an award for humanitarian service or something—stay on that bull for like four straight minutes, uh, perhaps we shouldn't be quite so cynical. She's mesmerizing. Wife material, even.

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