There are some things that should not be broadcast in front of a large group of people.

Patrick Smith, a student at Park Ridge High School, in Park Ridge, NJ, learned that lesson firsthand when he asked a girl to prom in about as public a setting as you can.

Microphone, check.

Large group of people watching. Check.

Wide open, well-lit space so it feels like the eyes of the world are only on you. Check.

After Smith popped the question, the girl he set his sights on didn't beat around the bush, replying, "I already have a date." Ouch. If this is not some internet prank, this kid is going to be scarred.

Give Smith credit, though. He's taking this rejection pretty well and even talked about it on Twitter. He's a guy who doesn't take himself too seriously, which, along with "sense of humor" and "sensitive," is one of the three things all women want in a man, so, it's safe to say the girl who turned him down missed out.

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