Meet Rainbow, a 23-year-old stoner who is looking for someone exotic and will try anything once if you beg for it. Judging by her fantasy, you might be in for one helluva ride.

Age: 23

Location: Ohio

Current crush: They have to have big boobs and nice teeth. I'm shallow.

Body mods: Seven tattoos -- My heart on my left wrist, star on my right wrist, rainbow shooting star behind my ear, angel on my right side, horrible Medusa between my shoulder blades, anti-Indiana on my right hip and Ohio love on my left. Nine piercings. Navel, septum and left nostril, tongue, both labia, vertical hood and both ears are stretched to 00g.

Gets me hot: The sun mostly. Hot water does it too. Oh and don't forget the KY Warming Liquid. That should do it.

Fantasy: Oh, just one where "Jesus Christ is jackhammering Mickey Mouse in the doo-doo hole with a lawn dart as Garth Brooks gives birth to something resembling a cheddar cheese log with almonds on Santa Claus's tummy-tum." [Ed. note - lyric from Bloodhound Gang's "A Lap Dance Is So Much Better..."]

Most humbling moment: Finishing wrestling season. I was the only girl to make it all the way through. Hell, I was the only girl to make it past conditioning.

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