In our eyes, Reese Witherspoon has always been adorable, but recently she has gone beyond adorable and looks smoking hot.  The trailer of her new movie suggests we get to see Reese in some steamy scenes that also involve her dancing around in her underwear.  Let's hope we aren't being deceived by some clever editing, body doubles or our habitual drunkenness.

Reese is our 'Crush' today because at 35-years-old, this mother of two is proving that things only get better with age.  She's also about to celebrate her one year anniversary with new husband Jim Toth, and yes, we are totally envious. HE IS SO ADORBS! according to women. We have no clue what that means.


Reese just seems like a cool, funny, salt-o-da-Earth woman to hang out with. Plus her recent lesbian experience with best friend Jennifer Aniston was super hot to think about. [Still thinking]


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