Thanks to the most important piece of sociology since, well, we don't know any other pieces of sociology, we now know if having a wingman will lead to success with the opposite sex.

Along with "What's your sign?," and "Can I buy you a drink?," hitting up a hotspot with friend in tow is one of the most common ways to try and wow the ladies when you're scoping out the scene and honing in on your prey like a hawk soaring from above. Heck, you could be with Channing Tatum or Screech from Saved by the Bell -- a wingman is there to alleviate some pressure and make you look good.

Are we all just wasting time, though? Does the wingman legitimately provide any value? AsapSCIENCE looked into the matter and found that, yes, he does. That's good to remember the next time you get trapped talking to some woman about her sister's wedding, just so your buddy can try and score with her bestie while they nurse frilly drinks with umbrellas in them that you keep buying to show you're good guys.