Still trying to drag dad kicking and screaming into the 21st century? Does he talk about how things look all "sleek" and "impersonal" today, and when he was a kid electronics may have been "clunky" but at least they had "character"?

Well, even if the only thing dad does with his new iPhone is make phone calls ("When I was a kid, phones had actual buttons you had to push"), give him a gentle nudge into 2013 with these retro-tastic electronics that have the high tech insides dad needs to enjoy his music to the fullest, with throwback designs outside to make him feel like he's back in granddad's house, up in his room listening to that infernal devil music.

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    Crosley Radio Advance Turntable

    Yeah, we know dad loves to play his old vinyl—and we totally respect that. Nothing sounds richer or more genuine. But with the $179.95 Advance Turntable from Crosley, dad can not only enjoy the crackle and pop of his classic LPs and 45's, but he can easily convert them to digital files in seconds via the included USB cable. You know, should he actually want to enjoy them outside of the living room. Comes in Grey for traditional dads, and Orange for dads who like to live on the edge.

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    AC1 RhythmVOX Mini Guitar Amplifier

    Got a dad who dreamed of rock stardom, but ended up in a cubical coming home to you and your little sister instead? Let him relive the days when the opening riffs of "Smoke On the Water" could be heard wafting from behind his closed bedroom door with the small but powerful AC1 RhythmVOX Mini Guitar Amplifier.

    For about $60, you can give dad a taste of stardom, with 66 rhythm and song patterns included to help him keep the beat, an AUX jack to connect to an MP3 player so he can jam along to his favorite old tunes, and a headphone jack so the rest of the family doesn't have to endure the real reason he never made it to the big time.

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    Pyle Tabletop Retro Jukebox

    If dad longs for the days when he woo'd your mom at the soda shop, while Frankie Valli crooned on the jukebox, he'll love this Tabletop Retro Jukebox from Pyle.

    It may look like a classic box from the 40's, but inside this $284.99 version is all the latest tech. There's a built-in USB and SD memory slot for MP3 players, an audio jack to connect with any audio source like his iPod, iPhone, or android, a slot-loading CD player and FM radio with auto-scan. And this time he doesn't have to ask mom to borrow a quarter.

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    I-MEGO Throne Headphones

    There's nothing sadder than a dad trying to rock a pair of Beats while listening to Rod Stewart… except maybe a dad trying to rock a pair of Beats while wearing a snapback at an angle. Save dad from the indignity by letting him isten to his tunes in private with the Throne headphones.

    For about $130, dad gets clear, crisp audio and rich bass delivered right to his earhole with the comfort of memory foam and a real leather headband for those long listening sessions—all housed in ear cups designed to look like those old-timey mics from classic radio shows. And should dad start to embrace the future, there's an integrated microphone and one-button control to let him play/pause/skip on any device.

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    Grace Digital Audio Victoria Nostalgic Internet Radio

    If dad or granddad used to huddle around a giant radio to listen to classic favorites like The Lone Ranger, they'll feel right at home with the $229.99, tabletop Victoria Nostalgic Internet Radio. Although it has the look and feel of a vintage radio, it pulls in all the modern day internet radio services from its built-in, wireless Wi-Fi, including Pandora, SiriusXM, Rhapsody,, and over 50,000 more. And dad will have complete control from the integrated backlit display, the included remote, or the free iPhone remote control app.

    Sporting a real walnut exterior with birch inlay, sound comes from a 4” full range speaker and rear port for a rich bass, and dad can also use the aux input to connect a CD player, iPhone, iPod, or other music source. So when you hear "Hi ho Silver!" coming from his bedroom, you can tell yourself he's probably just listening to a favorite show from his youth.