America is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in history. We have to assume sales for Super Soakers have taken a hit. So, if you somehow find yourself engaged in an H20 shootout and want to spit in the faces of farmers everywhere, lay down some green on this RPG launcher straight outta the Land of the Rising Sun.

On the official website for the 'Pet Bottle Launcher' from the Marudai Corporation, the loosely translated text indicates it's highly unlikely to reproduce the real thing and instead has a "toy-like feel." We can't really make any more from the translation - it honestly reads like Yoda:

"Kit because it is, If you are confident to work, please also try to make minor dent. This toy is a toy and enjoy the recoil when firing injection. Please observe the rules and manners play within the terms stipulated."

Still, it's hard to believe the balloon wouldn't explode instantly. At least you can put those condoms in your nightstand to use.


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