We've all whacked a vending machine a time or two to get an errant bag of M&Ms to drop into our greedy little hands but how about a beer vending machine that literally requires you to tackle it before it gives up the goods?

In the Salta Province of Argentina, residents are wild about rugby -- which, for the uninitiated, is kind of like American football, only without those sissy helmets and pads. So to capitalize on the craze, a creative agency working with Argentinean beer brand Cerveza Salta dreamed up the ‘Rugbeer’ vending machine.

Basically, you put your money in, and then you have to slam into the side of the machine to get it to drop a can of the brew. And you can't just give it a shove. This thing requires brute-force, and there's a power meter on the front that lights up to let you know just how tough you are.

As long as you reach the "chicken" level about half-way up, the beer is yours -- but, testosterone being what it is, of course most guys go for the "bull" level all the way at the top.

Cerveza Salta toured the Rugbeer machine around its home region, where it was so popular that it led to 25 percent more beer sales in the bars it visited. But hopefully they won't bring the Rugbeer to the US -- the broken shoulders and liability issues alone would be enough to make any attorney follow it wherever it went.