This could be a game-changer in times of war.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has put out this video of a woman wearing a protective fireproof suit while walking through a field as a series of explosions go off. He posted the clip on Facebook, where he wrote, "the Terminator is a poor mimicry compared to the female investigators of Russia’s military industrial complex.”

The woman walks through the mess as casually as your dad did in his bathrobe holding his steaming mug of coffee while heading to the curb to get his morning paper. That imagery stayed with you because it traumatized you and made you fear someone you know would see you dad.

This imagery will stay with you because it's scary as heck. We've already got our hands full enough with ISIS, al Qaeda and Donald Trump. We don't need to have to worry about Russians making cyborgs look like scared puppy dogs.