We've all been there. It's Friday, you have no plans, so what do you do? Take some of Sarah Silverman's advice and enjoy a night all to yourself!

As part of the kickoff to YouTube's Comedy Week, Sarah Silverman debuted a brand new song called 'Perfect Night'. It describes the life of a person who doesn't really enjoy the nightlife. We can relate.

Sarah likes to kick it in her crib, order some take out, and surf porn. We won't judge because that's how we livin'! Much like Sarah, we also Skype with Will.i.am except replace Will.i.am with our moms.

YouTube's Comedy Week will spotlight some of the funniest comedians and entertainers. You can check out some of their recent uploads, and also check out the schedule of live streaming video they'll have going for improv night, stand up night and more.

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