Oh, the hu-manatee!

Meet the world's most overreactive woman. She's swimming near a manatee when she, even though she's already in the water, goes off the deep end.

She's screaming. She's shrieking. She's basically compiling a reel to be in any teen horror movie (and with the screaming in the background, it kind of sounds like a horror movie, although "Manatee" lacks the terror factor of, say, Jaws).

Meanwhile, the manatee is probably like, "Whoa, this is one whacked out chick." And manatees are about as harmless as seaweed, so he must really be confused by her antics, the aquatic equivalent of a dude who doesn't know how to avoid the girl who keeps texting him even though he never responds.

While we love the girl's screaming, our favorite part may very well be when she tries to calm down and declares, "I'm gonna touch it. Oh my god, it's huge." Hmm -- maybe instead of a horror movie, she's more interested in porn.