Germans and beer go together like Germans and lederhosen, which makes what you're about to see that much more surprising.

These two men in Germany are trying to tap a keg, which for two men in that country should be as easy as answering "David Hasselhoff" when asked "Who's your favorite singer?" Unfortunately for them, they're having some issues that go beyond what exactly does Hasselhoff on the German people that they love him so much.

We won't spoil it for you, but it's safe to say that the ground ends up foamier than a memory mattress. Or the crest of a wave during high tide.

The only positive you can take away is that they are wearing the perfect pants for such a disaster. Maybe this is why lederhosen are so big in Germany.

These gentlemen must be exhausted from trying to tap that keg, only to fail. They've been through a lot, so they could really use a beer to drown their sorrows. Let's just hope it's from a bottle -- although, for their sake, it'd better be a twist-off.