What's better than football? Hot girls who play football. What's better than that? Hot girls who play football and dance.

The Seattle Mist of the Legends Football League -- you may know it better by its original moniker, the Lingerie Football League -- came out before the recent Legends Cup championship game performing a choreographed dance.

The players did the "Hit the Quan" dance, which is pretty sexy.

Of course, if you're a die-hard football fan, you may take issue with the fact the team took time to learn the moves instead of, you know, focusing on a game plan to win. However, the dance didn't hold back the Mist, who edged the Chicago Bliss, 27-21, to win the franchise's first title.

Now, that's something to dance about.

Something tells us Tom Brady won't come out performing the nae nae before a game anytime soon and not because he may look foolish. He's probably worried Roger Goodell will suspend him for the rest of the season. Bazinga!

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