If there's one thing in this crazy world we can count on, it's that The Onion will always be hilarious. 

Reality TV is pretty boring at this point -- Even 'Jersey Shore' -- a show we could once count on to bring the ridiculous -- has become tame and predictable. Are we desensitized? Maybe. Or maybe it's an inevitable truth that all people, even Snooki, eventually have to calm down, quit taking so much adderall, and assess how many STD's they have. In any case, the novelty has definitely worn off.

This imaginary show, though, from the genius brains of the folks over at The Onion, is another story. 'Sex House' gathers a bunch of sex-obsessed weirdos, including an elderly gentleman, a virgin, and one gay guy in a house together to see what happens. We've already submitted a formal letter begging for episode 2, so cross your fingers.