Another weekend has come and gone, so we're here once again to make sure that your Monday isn't too painful. After all, you get to browse through galleries of hot chicks for Babe of the Week.

This time around we have the hot Hancook tires girl Lindsey Harrod, modeling pro Jeanette Reid, ring girl Crystal Leigh, future 'Real Housewives of Dallas' cast member Deziree Ramirez, adult film actress Emmanuelle London, quadruple threat (not just triple) Dani Diiorio, and Reno socialite Kiley Fox.

So, now it's time to decide which of these busty bombshells should be crowned our newest Babe of the Week. Click each contestant's name or pic below for a look at their fantastic photo galleries, and then vote in our poll at the bottom.

LindSey Harrod

Jeanette Reid


Crystal Leigh


Deziree Ramirez

Emmanuelle London


Dani Diiorio


Kiley Fox


Here’s the deal: At the end of the week, each Babe of the Day will compete for your votes and the winner will become Babe of the Week. Each week’s winner will then face off to become Babe of the Month, and those winners will then duke it out for – you guessed it – the Babe of the Year title. Only those lucky ladies will be inducted into GuySpeed’s Hall of Fame, an honor reserved for the hottest of babes.