The women who populate this list aren’t just your average ladies with a little ink. These women are hot, hardcore and not afraid of the stigma that comes with etching permanent markings on their bodies. We’re not saying that all the women here have made the wisest choices when it comes to inking their skin (hint: relationships are not always as permanent as tattoos) but when done right, tattoos can give starlets an added level of sex appeal.

Angelina Jolie

This sexy star has over a dozen tattoos, which to our dismay are usually covered up with makeup onscreen. The actress sports tattoos from a variety of dialects including Arabic script, a Buddhist incantation, and a Latin phrase – we’re not sure what the translations are but we’re guessing it says something along the lines of “I’m ridiculously good looking” in their respective languages. We think the sexiest tattoo Jolie has is the Bengal Tiger inked on her back - less sexy was the Billy Bob tattoo on her arm she was briefly married to the actor from 2000-2003 (it has since been removed.)

Megan Fox

If the body is a canvas, Fox’s is covered in paint. Fox has eight confirmed tattoos that range from Marilyn Monroe’s portrait on her inner right forearm, to a yin and yang symbol on her left wrist. The blue-eyed bombshell also has the first name of her now husband, Brian Austin Green on her lower hip and while we support the placement - we’re not sure we support the content. We’re thinking Guyspeed’s logo would look much better there.

Evan Rachel Wood

Wood holds her own in the contest for coverage against pros Jolie and Fox. The eccentric actress, who spent many years coupled with Marilyn Manson, has nine tattoos to her name. Two of the tattoos are odes to children’s books – she has a Shel Silverstein drawing on her back and a Dr. Seuss Lorax inspired tattoo below her left breast (because breasts and Dr. Seuss go together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding.) She’s also got some Edgar Allen Poe ink. With all the literary tattoos she’s got going on, if she’s part of a book club we’d love to join.


Sexy songstress Pink may take the cake when it comes to tattoos. Maybe it’s part of her rocker chick facade but she has upwards of 25 tattoos in various locations on her bod (which we feel necessary to mention is very fit.) Her tattoos include but are not limited to: “Mr. Pink” on her left inner thigh, a bar code on the back of her neck, a portrait of her dog Elvis on her arm, a bow on the back of each leg, a frog on her left foot, and a red heart on her big toe – to name a few.

Lily Allen

Allen is another singer who boasts quite the catalog of tattoos. We’re guessing because of some of the interesting pieces of art she had inked on her body that they may have been done in her hay-day of boozing and partying (pre-motherhood, marriage, and settling down.) Another indicator to support this hypothesis is that the star has a matching tat with Lindsay Lohan, the word “Shhh” tattooed on her index finger. Based on their histories, we’re sure when this occurred the two girls were completely sober. Another tattoo features a Homer Simpson face, and a barking dog. Why not.

Kat Von D

Not including High Voltage tattoo shop owner and LA ink TV personality Kat Von D on a list featuring hot women with tattoos would be absolutely ludacris. The babe may a pro when it comes to giving tattoos, but she’s definitely no stranger to receiving them. Donning stars on her face, Von D is legitimately covered from head to toe. The righteous artist says her favorite tattoos include a portrait of her father on her forearm, and a heart inked in the palm of her hand. She’s probably not that stoked on the tattoo she got of Jesse James’ face on her side, shortly before the two broke off their engagement.

Christina Aguilera

Joining the ranks of women with impressive vocal abilities, ink, and babe status is powerhouse Christina Aguilera. The star has “Xtina” on the back of her neck, two Hebrew themed tattoos, and “Te Amo Siempre” on her left forearm (Spanish for “I love you forever.”) She’s also got a Mickey Mouse tattoo, totally appropriate to commemorate her Mouseketeer days, but we think her below the belt bikini line territory is an odd placement. The singer also reportedly has some scandalous piercings in addition to her ink.

Eva Longoria

Longoria has never been shy about her tattoos; the sultry Latina actress has several that we can see – 3 of which she got before splitting with cheating ex-husband Tony Parker (seriously, who cheats on Eva Longoria?) that included their wedding date in roman numerals, his jersey number, and the initials “T.P.” in a place that apparently only Parker himself knew. While we think maybe she’s got ink to remove, we sure hope she replaces it with some fresh lines because we like the look of a tattooed Longoria.

Pamela Anderson

While her tattoos probably aren’t the first thing you notice when you look at this former Baywatch babe and Playmate, she’s got some of the simplest and sexiest tattoos we’ve seen. Anderson has a ring finger tattoo that used to say “Tommy” (for Motley Crue ex-husband Tommy Lee) that she changed to “Mommy” after their divorce, a tasteful back piece, and most notably – barbed wire around her left upper arm. While that tattoo would make most women appear straight off the prison yard, on Anderson it’s somehow sexy.


The last babe on this list is perhaps one of the sexiest women alive – we’re talking about music sensation Rihanna. At the young age of 24, she’s already worked up a collection that makes us wonder if the singer is going to rival Kat Von D in a couple of years. Rihanna has a music note on her ankle, the word “love” ironically on her middle finger, a trail of stairs down her back, a handgun in her right rib area, her astrology sign behind her right ear, and “Thug Life” across her knuckles. The star is reported to have 16 total tattoos.