The Miami Heat aren't the must-see show they were when LeBron was employed in South Beach, but they may have found a way to get people to check them out.

During Monday night's home win against Indiana, a woman in a black dress so slinky the word will have to be re-defined by Webster's stole the scene when she jumped out of her seat when Goran Dragic went in for a basket.

So who is this Heat hottie? Her name is Alyssa Nelson and guess what? She has an Instagram page.

Nelson's love affair with sports first caught the public's attention in 2014 when she got pretty riled up while attending a Minnesota Wild-Colorado Avalanche playoff game.

Yup, she's a big fan, alright. We'd certainly like to get her know her better, if for no other reason than she has a real knack for getting primo seats to games. We get stuck so high up in the rafters that we need an oxygen mask.

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