After a tough day at work there's nothing like coming home and pouring yourself a nice glass of gas station  brand bourbon. If you're a total cheapskate. Real men go for the good stuff. And that stuff happens to be bourbon that's been barrel-aged out on the open sea.

Jefferson's Ocean-Aged Bourbon is a very limited run of 88-proof bourbon that has been barrel-aged for four years on a boat that's used to research great white sharks. The exposure to salty air and the natural rocking motion of the ocean makes this whiskey just as mature as one that had been aged for around 19 years.

This sounds like the whiskey of champions for people who enjoy a fine night of spirits. You can get a list of where the ocean-aged bourbon can be sold by clicking here.

The only bummer is that there is no actual shark blood or parts used in the making of this fine bourbon. Of course if there was, you'd probably be puking as soon as you started drinking instead of a few hours after.

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