Sheridyn Fisher is a model, actress and artist from Sydney. This 26-year-old may be the best thing to come out of Australia since Paul Hogan Elle Macpherson.

In addition to modeling for FHM, Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Wedding Couture and more, Sheridyn Fisher has also been the spokes-model for 'Bras N Things,' which is Australia's answer to Victoria Secret. (Let's not judge the Australians on their creativity in branding, m'kay?)

Sheridyn's personal motto is 'Live & Love,' which totally could have been the name of an Air Supply song. She enjoys mountain bike riding, kickboxing, running, hiking and other activities. She also designs Sheridyn Fisher Swimwear. Good thing, because if someone else was designing swimwear with her name on it, there might be grounds for a copyright lawsuit or at least a restraining order.

Height: 5′ 8″ | Weight: 126 lbs. | Measurements: 34-24-30

Sheridyn Fisher flat
Sheridyn Fisher swimwear
Sheridyn Fisher bra

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