There was a time not so long ago when people claimed that the art of shred was dead. However, while all of the indie-pop enthusiasts were going unplugged, and posing as limp-wrist martyrs for a dying alternative, guitar virtuosos like Sam Westphalen were keeping the badass alive by selling their souls to the devil. What did they get in exchange? They learned how to make Slayer tunes sound cool on the acoustic guitar.

Believe it or not, while folkies and troubadours have been traditionally known to use the acoustic guitar as a tool to sell lovesick, sappy songs to a society of broken hearts and pale genitalia, there is an underground of sarcastic talent dwelling somewhere deep in between the bowels of musical subgenres and the nine gates of hell. It is here where the cults are pollinated on the bended knees of gargling fanatics, and where wickedness oozes from the fingertips of seemingly normal men.

Although, Sam Westphalen is undoubtedly nowhere near normal and judging from his effortless cover of  the above song, it appears as if masturbation is likely more difficult for this six-string hooligan than coming up with insane solo interpretations for speed metal. In fact, while biblical folklore claims that the great beast will rise up with seven heads and ten horns, we are thoroughly convinced that this monster is actually a scrawny composition and music production student currently attending the Australian Institute of Music.

Incidentally, even though Westphalen says his performance repertoire consists of more than heavy metal recreations, he is currently working on an acoustic arrangement for 'Mouth For War' by Pantera. For more about Sam Westphalen visit his website.

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