Explosives aren't normally a part of professional soccer, and we can see why; One of them nearly cost this Iranian soccer player his hand. 

During an Asian Champions League quarterfinal match between Iran's Sepahan and the Saudi Arabian club Al Ahli, someone in the stands decided to show his enthusiasm by chucking an explosive onto the field.

Sepahan midfielder Adel Kolahka found the small bomb and picked it up to examine it. After a few seconds, we see Adel toss it aside, presumably thinking that it wasn't anything to worry about. Uh, it was.

The device exploded upon impact, and we bet Kolahka is counting his lucky stars that he didn't hold onto it any longer. The match was postponed due to the incident and police are investigating how the explosives made it into the stadium.

If you've ever lived in the American South, which we have, you've no doubt heard the distant, celebratory gunshots after a team's victory, or a wedding, or at midnight of a new year...or when someone wins $1 on a scratch off lotto ticket. Can we all just get on the same page here: If you're going to shoot or explode things in celebration...[insert sex joke.] Deal?