What do you get when you combine highly competitive sports figures and post-game press conferences? Pure viewing magic. Whether it’s a disappointing in-game performance or a media dispute, it doesn’t take much to light the fuse of a sports personality. Here’s a look at some hilarious, shocking, and downright scary press conference meltdowns:


Jim Mora has never been a stranger to press conference antics, but his “Playoffs?!” rant is undoubtedly his most memorable. Mora’s Colts had just dropped to 4-6 after an ugly loss to the 49ers. The fiery coach proceeded to rip his team apart during an interview, ridiculing their sloppy offensive performance and kick coverage. At this point, a brave journalist had the courage to ask Mora if he expected to make the playoffs. “Playoffs?!,” he responded, “I just hope we can win another game!”

'The Bears Are Who We Thought They Were!'

Dennis Green’s tenure as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals may not have been memorable, but football fans will never forget this tirade. The Cardinals had just blown a 20-point lead against the unbeaten Chicago Bears, despite forcing six turnovers. After the debacle, Green vented to the media, punching the microphone and screaming, “They are who we THOUGHT they were!” Green’s meltdown cost him a coaching job, although he did manage to snag a television commercial out of it.

'I'm a man! I'm 40!'

Amateur athletes have to deal with tough media coverage too, and Mike Gundy is mad as hell about it. The Oklahoma State football coach had recently demoted his starting quarterback, prompting a reporter to write a critical article about the young athlete. Gundy was furious that a journalist would write a disparaging article on a college kid, and proceeded to lecture the offender on everything from professional ethics to parenting. He urged reporters to pick on him instead, yelling, “Come after me! I’m a man, I’m 40!” After the outburst, the reporters did just that.

'We Talkin' About Practice!'

Being the NBA’s leading scorer can afford you a lot of privileges, but missing practice isn’t one of them. The Celtics had just dropped Iverson’s Sixers in the first round of the playoffs, prompting coach Larry Brown to question his star’s tendency to miss team walkthroughs. Allen fired back with this long-winded diatribe, saying, “I'm supposed to be the franchise player, and we're in here talking about practice!” In all, Iverson used the word “practice” over 20 times. I think we get the picture, Allen.

Chaney Vs. Calipari

It’s rare, but sometimes a heated post-game press conference can take a violent turn. That was certainly the case in this 1994 clip, when Hall of Fame college basketball coach John Chaney attempted to pummel John Calipari. Chaney was convinced that his opponent was manipulating the referees to secure favorable calls, and decided to take matters into his own hands. It took a roomful of grown men to restrain the Temple coach, as he threatened Calipari and screamed that he had told his players to “knock (his) [bleepin'] kids in the mouth.”

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