Spring Break has come early this year as the first 'Spring Breakers' trailer has hit! We've already seen a ton of previews of the sultry cast, including Selena Gomez in handcuffs and Vanessa Hudgens in a bikini, but now it's time to check these ladies out in action.

'Spring Breakers' stars a slew of starlets, from the aforementioned Ms. Gomez and Hudgens to Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine and even our favorite dancer from 'Glee' Heather Elizabeth Morris, as a group of girlfriends who just want to party. That's all. Too bad they don't have the proper funds to hit Spring Break hard, so they rob a store, take all the money, and... they get caught.

Fortunately, James Franco with a grill is there to bail the girls out of jail, though the troupe is soon dismayed when they realize they've gone in over their heads by accepting help from a drug and arms dealer. From the looks of some of the posters, specifically the one of the ladies wearing a white mask and holding a gun (while still in a bikini, mind you), things get hairy real fast!

Check out the first 'Spring Breakers' trailer below, courtesy of the folks at MTV:

UPDATE: Here's the international 'Spring Breakers' trailer that features even more footage.

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