MMA fighting is known for its bone-crunching violence. In an effort to put an exclamation point on that fact, Kiwi star Mark "Super Samoan" Hunt crushed Stefan "Skyscraper" Struve Saturday night in Japan.

In the third round of Fuel TV 8's UFC heavyweight bout, Hunt, standing at 5' 10", threw a combination at the 7-foot Stefan Struve. The right hand to the temple made Struve reel to the left where he came into contact with what was a devastating left to the jaw. Both fighters then separated - Hunt knowing the blows were fight-ending and Struve in agony with what he thought was just a broken tooth.

But the referee ended the fight knowing that the combination punches won David the battle versus Goliath.

It was later revealed during the Fuel TV post-show broadcast that Stuve's jaw was actually broken. Stuve then tweeted, "Thanks for the support everybody. I wanted Herb (Herb Dean was the referee) to take the tooth out of my cheek and continue, but then it turned out my jaw was broken."

Struve had his jaw wired shut and boarded a plane to seek surgery in his native Holland. There he posted a gruesome X-ray for proof of the injury. The image shows a distinct break.

With the win, Hunt won his fourth bout in a row. The loss put an end to Struve's four match win streak and his ability to eat anything he can't suck through a straw.

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