It's perfectly fine for a guy to dress like a rock god, even if his only musical accomplishments involve Guitar Hero and the highest difficulty setting. Every guy wants to be, and look, like a rock star.

There is, however, a huge difference between a rocker star and Steve Tyler. Just because you may like listening to the guy's music and enjoy his remarks on 'American Idol' does not -- repeat, does not! -- mean that you have to start dressing like him.Even Steven Tyler shouldn't dress like Steven Tyler. Dude looks worse than a lady. Dude looks like a drag queen.

If you want to get the rocker look without looking like a busted gypsy, here are some tips to follow, using Steven as an example of how not dress.

Tip 1: Refrain From Bedazzling Your Jeans

We know it's a hard rule to follow, but nevertheless, it's important. Attaching all those shiny beads to your jeans won't make the girls think you're cool. In fact, they might think you've become one of the girls and place you in the permanent friend zone.

Tip 2: Women's Sunglasses Don't Look Good on Every Man

A general tip when scouting around for the right pair of rocker sunglasses is to stay away from the women's rack. Unless, of course, you want to look like a crazy cat lady.

Tip 3: Refrain From Shredding Your Scarf

Many well-known style aficionados like Ewan McGregor and Adrien Brody wear scarfs, and in most cases, it's a mark of the sophisticated gent. But when you shred your scarf or replace it with layers upon layers of yarn and ribbon, you come off as though you're trying to build a nest.

Tip 4: Ruffles Are More Pirate Than Rocker

Sure, some rockers have been known to sport that over-the-top ruffle as part of their musician persona, but that was like in the '70s. Nowadays, it comes off as more of drunk Jack Sparrow imitation (i.e. not even a good Jack Sparrow imitation).

Tip 5: Avoid Animal Print At All Costs

Let's see. Where to start... hmm... perhaps some men can pull off a spotted zebra print, but not Steve Tyler or you. Only spotted zebras can pull off spotted zebra print and even they are pushing it.

Nick Romano is a writer and editor over at TheFW who blogs about menswear on the side. He's as much into style as he is into gaming -- when he puts down the PlayStation controller, his body collapses from the hours he spent not eating or sleeping. So, just think of how stylish he is. Follow him on Twitter @NickARomano.