Man, you've gotta have a huge set of snowballs to pull off this stunt.

An enormous penis was sketched into the snow on a frozen river in Gothenburg, Sweden. How it wound up there may be even funnier than the visual itself.

A photo of a penis drawn in the snow made its way into a local paper, prompting the city council to find a way to erase it (darned government -- Donald Trump would never waste time on an issue like this because losing the entire frozen phallus voting bloc is probably the one thing that truly frightens him).

Well, you can call the Swedish many things (we guess), but one thing you can't say about them is they're a people prone to take matters like this lying down. A Facebook group quickly popped up for people who wanted the weenie back.

The man who had actually removed the first sketch, armed with snowblower (heh -- we said "blower"), jumped back into action and made a new, bigger one and even made a video documenting the matter (see above).

Sweden -- the country that gave us ABBA, IKEA and now, perhaps most importantly, the giant snow penis. Thank you, Sweden.