It's rare that a fan-made cell-phone video at a sporting event ever turns out even barely watchable. They're usually filmed from too far away to actually see what's happening, you can't hear anything except some screaming foul-mouthed idiots a few seats away, and worst of all, it's always shot in vertical mode. (Turn your phones sideways when you film, people!)

So that's what makes this footage taken during the final moments of Seattle's dramatic overtime victory over the Packers on Sunday so compelling. It's close enough to see exactly what's going on, the sound perfectly captures the energy of the crowd, and the person shooting it held the phone properly. THANK YOU! And the action gets started right off the bat, too, no 45 seconds of waiting for the play to begin.

Sure, it's not like you're actually there, in the stadium, but it's about as close as you can get. And we should be clear: if you're a Packers fan, no need to watch. It'll only tear open those still-fresh wounds.

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