This could be the greatest marketing stunt we'll never need.

Check out this hilarious fake commercial for manpons, which are a tampon for men. Yup, "that time of the month" goes from being a five-word phrase that can make all men shudder to one that can make all of them feel like they can lift a boulder over their head using just a pinkie.

The spot is actually from water charity Water Aid to draw attention to the fact that more than a billion women do not have access to toilets when they have their period, so it's a serious issue.

With the firm tongue-in-cheek tone of the ad, you wonder if maybe some of the men using manpons could just go out and build a few million toilets all by themselves and then deliver them to the women in need.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we've got to go try on a pair of man-tyhose.