This student is missing his prom because he's too cool.

Sultan Akhter, an 18-year-old senior at Central High School, in Manchester, N.H. is not allowed to go his prom because his girlfriend is 22 years old.

Yeah, he's a high school student with a 22-year-old girlfriend, who just so happens to be a senior in college. Who needs the prom, anyway, right? The only reason he probably wanted to go was to show off his cougar to his buddies and now that this has happened, his legend has only grown. Instead of the prom, she can go out and buy him beer while he whines to her sympathetic sorority sisters.

The school board voted Monday night to prohibit Akhter's girlfriend, Kaitlyn Orzechowski, from going to the event, scheduled for this Friday. While the board does not have a written policy about the age of people attending the prom, one official says there is a rule that all students must be under the age of 21.

Sultan's mother is bewildered by the decision:

You don’t have a lot of special days in your life. You have a wedding and a prom. I can give you a million reasons why this is wrong. Please give this to my son."

Orzechowski has been dating Sultan for about eight months. They met while working at Kmart, which kind of balances out his coolness factor.

The school board released a statement after reaching its decision. "We understand that the rules put in place by the high schools regarding prom might disappoint some students, but the school district administration supports those rules to help ensure appropriate behavior at a high school-sponsored dance," it said.