Like beer, but tired of the excruciatingly, pain-staking job of holding it? Well, have we got a product for you.

Excuse us as we summon our best infomercial voice so we can introduce the BooZie:

It’s an astounding koozie with a magnet attachment system that interlocks to your belt for hands free beverage enjoyment.

Yup, it’s a holster you wear on your belt like a Western sheriff used to wear to hold his six-shooter.

The science behind the BooZie is pretty simple. It’s magnetized and attaches to a metal belt clip. It's easier than figuring out who has to pay for the next round.

Like the wheel, the printing press and swiping right, this is a game-changing innovation. However, it needs backing to get off the ground, so there’s a Kickstarter page in the hopes of raising $3,000.

So, take the long walk over to a counter, put your drink down and then reach into your wallet to make a donation. See, if you had a BooZie right now, you wouldn’t even have to walk to the counter. It would be paying off already.