Sure, women may get free drinks at the bar, but they're paying hand over fist everywhere else.

The next time you think women have it easy because they don't have to fork over any money on dates, you'd be wise to watch this and be reminded that they have to hit the ATM way too often to keep themselves looking as lovely as a spring day.

Glamour put together this video comparing what men and woman spend on beauty products. And, hey, let's be honest -- men can pretty much roll out of bed, toss on a pair of pants and head out for the day. Women, though, cannot do that because they have to purchase things we would have no clue how to find in a drugstore. Things like toner, brow gel and lip pencils.

Watching this video, it's understandable why men are always yelling at women to leave the house. They have all sorts of goop to apply before they can ever start their day. Come to think of it, it's amazing the day isn't over by the time they're ready to step out.

As you can see, the cost associated with all of the style products for women is substantially greater than it is for men. No wonder there are calls to close the wage gap.

So, really, what we're saying is don't tell a woman how good she has it because men buy her drinks at a bar. Considering how long it took her to get ready and how much it cost, she deserves a free cosmo.