Welcome back to ‘Check It or Chuck It,' where we recommend five things to check out and five things to “chuck” for the week.

If you’re a Batman fan, then this is THE BIGGEST AND BEST WEEK EVER! If you’re not a Batfan, well, it’s probably gonna be a pretty drab week for you (and you’re probably not reading this anyway). But for the rest of us, all I can say is The Dark Knight will rise again, and it’s gonna be awesome!

Also, there are some other pretty cool things to check out this week, like a 'Portlandia' TV special and the new book from the writer of 'Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.' Read on for this week's list.


The Dark Knight Rises

It’s finally here! Director Christopher Nolan brings his Batman movie trilogy to an end this week with what’s being billed as one of the most surprising and captivating comic book movies ever made. We’re not too hot on the movie’s main villain, Tom Hardy’s Bane, but Nolan’s never taken a wrong turn with his Batflicks, and this one looks like a solid follow-up to the epic and artful ‘The Dark Knight.’ Christian Bale, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine are back, the lovely Anne Hathaway plays Catwoman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt joins the Batcast, and Nolan even makes room for another ‘Inception’ star, Oscar winning French actress Marion Cotillard. Watch. It. Twice. Check out ScreenCrush’s review roundup.

Mondo's New The Dark Knight Rises Poster

Normally, getting your hands on an awesome collectible Mondo movie poster is about as easy as trying find a good line of dialogue in 'Batman and Robin.' But now, Mondo is offering everyone (Yes, even you!) the chance to grab a print of its new throwback 'The Dark Knight Rises' poster by Olly Moss. The sale will only last 24 hour, and it starts on Wednesday, July 18. To pick up one of these bad boys, you'll have to visit MondoTees.com on July 18, starting at 12:01 a.m. It's $40 for a regular print and $100 for a variant. Get crackin', Batfans!

Lockout on DVD and Blu-ray

Think of it as 'Escape From New York in space. With dumber dialogue. And kinda British. This fast-paced, fun and decidedly brain-dead B movie got booted out of theaters shortly after it premiered, but now you can watch it at home, where no one can kick you out for yelling obscenities at the screen and making up drinking games (Take a shot when somebody gets tossed out an airlock!).

Portlandia: The Brunch Special

What’s not to love about ‘Portlandia,’ IFC’s strange and funny series that skewers the Portland counterculture with spot-on impersonations, quirky skits and great guest stars? This hour-long special, airing Friday at 10 p.m. on IFC, features stars Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen in the director’s cut of the popular season 2 sketch ‘Brunch Village.’

The Last Policeman

We think you’ll dig New York Times best-selling author Ben H. Winters’ new novel, a hard-boiled police procedural set in a pre-apocalyptic world. ‘The Last Policeman’ follows Hank Palace, a detective determined to solve his latest case while the world around him is falling apart. As chaos – and a giant world-shattering asteroid – looms, Palace delves deeper into his case, a suicide that “feels like homicide” that he may or may not solve before the end of the world. Winters’ previous books include the popular ‘Sense and Sensibility and Seas Monsters,’ and the critically-praised ‘Bedbugs.’


Super Dark Superman Poster

We’ve yet to see one minute of footage from ‘Watchmen’ director Zack Snyder’s upcoming ‘Superman’ movie, but the film’s new poster, which Snyder showed off at Comic-Con over the weekend, is leaving us a little cold. Maybe it’s just us, but we’re not loving the trend of dark and shadowy preview pics and posters that reveal little to nothing about a much-anticipated movie. We get it -- every Hollywood studio is desperately trying to recreate Christopher Nolan’s winning ‘Dark Knight’ style, but Nolan’s dark and realistic look and tone won’t suit every superhero movie. Superman is big, bright and brilliant, and he shouldn’t be skulking in the shadows.

Green Day’s new track

Green Day just released ‘Oh Love,’ the new track off its upcoming power pop album,¡Uno!’. The song lacks the smarts, bite and aggressive energy that mark the band’s best work. ‘Oh Love’ trades Green Day’s addictive protest punk for bland riffs, uninspired radio pop lyrics and gooey sentimentality.

Madagascar 3

Hey, the gangs all back, and they’ve already made billions of dollars. Skip this animated retread and join us in checking out ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ which is sure to please nerds and movie-lovers of all ages.

The L.A. Complex

Season 2 of The CW’s bottom-of-the-heap teen series debuts on Tuesday, which  pretty much guarantees we’ll be nowhere near the tube on Tuesday night. Here are a few things than may be more exciting than watching this season premiere: Reading the fine print of every beer bottle label in the fridge, updating your Mac OS, organizing your old baseball card collection.

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All

Hey, who’s game for spending a weeknight watching a bunch of whitewashed douchbros bro-ing out and talking’ smack about the hotties they were paid thousands of dollars to kiss and fondle on national TV? Yeah, that’s what we thought.