The next time you're despondent over how little your zoo animal-shaped ice cube tray idea has raised on Kickstarter, just remember this.

Let us introduce you to an item called the Frebble (not to be confused with the delicious Fribble). The Frebble is an apparatus you hold when you don't have another hand to hold and a pillow, soda can, TV remote or literally any other object within reach won't do the trick.

The Frebble's inventor, who is not ashamed to show his face on camera, explained how he came up with this champion of an idea:

I thought wouldn't it be cool if a computer accessory existed that allowed people to hold hands at a distance?"

So, ideally, then you'd have to squeeze one Frebble while the other person you're Skyping is squeezing another one. Or else, you know, it'd just be weird.

In reality, the Frebble looks more like a video game controller, one of those workout devices used to make your hand muscles stronger, a shoe horn, a toy a child would like for about 10 seconds or a prop an improv group should be using.

In the video, the inventor says you can get not one, but two, Frebbles for $19. Or maybe $99. He's kind of hard to understand, but either way both prices are excessive, don't you think?

And we won't even delve into the potential hilarity of paying for something to keep your hands occupied. Your mind doesn't even have to be in the gutter to realize there's something a little kinky about this, too. But we'll save that for another time.